3 Simple Tips For Building Your Business and Your List

Building an e-mail list of your own for your business is a very important step that all IMers must take. Here are some tips that you can use to help you with your list building efforts.

One way to build your list is to exchange ad space with other e-zine or newsletter publishers. You are going to discover that there are a lot of newsletter and zine publishers in your targeted market with large subscriber lists who are happy to swap ads because it means that you can both work on building your businesses at the same time. This is one kind of joint venture that can help you quite a lot. All you need to do is get in touch with other newsletter publishers in your niche and contact them. Let them know that your goal is to swap ads and promote their products. You will almost absolutely get a “yes” but if you do not then you simply contact someone else. Adding your own twist to this tactic will get you better results.

The best way to get new subscribers is to have your existing subscribers bring potential opt-ins to you. Word of mouth marketing is powerful, so encourage your subscribers to spread the word about your newsletter or ezine. Give them the ability to encourage others to subscribe to your list as well. Build a “refer a friend” form for your site and ask your subscribers to send out the link for it.

In addition to those things, make sure your work is top-notch so that your subscribers will send it along simply because they enjoy it. Take advantage of this major tactic if you really want to see a long term profits.

A great way to build trust with the people on your list is to give them exclusive access to the archives of your past newsletter issues and e-zines. This could be the one thing that gets a waffler to decide to subscribe to your list. All you need to do is arrange your past issues in a list and organize that list by date. You will quickly see that potential subscribers especially like to go through your archives because it will give them a fair assessment of the kind of quality you are likely to provide in the future. In addition to the value this gives to your subscribers it also helps you look better to the search engines because it fills your site with searchable content.

Ranking your site in the engines because of older content is a simple tactic that is very popular in internet marketing and you should use it too because it allows your old content to continue working for you. All in all, the above tips clearly explain the effectiveness of using various methods to build your email list.

Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business And Increase Your Dating!

How many single people have put a profile on a dating site and understand the marketing tactics required? Get any nibbles?

Most girls are swamped by members of the male species who appear to have risen from a swamp, and have come up just to join a dating site.

I know…I have screened some of these dudes for female friends of mine.

Yep, Shrek’s cousins are alive and well in the internet dating world.

And you girls don’t get off so easy either – most don’t know the difference between slim and fat (big boned?) according to the description of themselves.

There is a marketing lesson in there for another day on hype and delivering on promises too by the way (fewer refunds?)…but moving right along to today’s tip…

If you are a guy, it’s not hard to stand out in the crowd. If you can string a sentence together in basic English, and your profile pic isn’t the mug shot taken down at the station you are miles ahead of the game!

How about taking it one step further?

Most products and services have a string of testimonials attached to them. So, the same logic was applied to my dating profile and wallah! Endless source of female attention cometh my way!

I ranked as high as number 67 (of several thousand members) in Australia for popularity (the only dude who openly disclosed three ankle biters as part of the package too btw) and numero uno in the world on an international site. Funny stuff me thinks!

While that may be useful info for the single readers, understand how powerful social proof is when you are selling your wares.

Are you using testimonials in your business? Are they believable?

A string of ‘My life has changed since using xyz product’ with the initials of the writer following the testimonial are fairly weak in my humblest of opinions. In fact, they can work against you if there appears to be little substance behind them. They might even be considered…wait for it…fake!

Try taking your testimonials one step further – do a recorded phone interview or video with your customer discussing the virtues of your widget and post it to your website.

Let your fans do the marketing for you with these marketing tactics!

Mark Cottle

Ardyss Body Magic Business And How To Grow It Online

Ardyss body magic network marketing home business has exploded onto the scene in the United States. There has been a huge increase in traffic and attention to this special business. Many new reps are experiencing exceptional results and most of it has been from holding local showcase meetings where prospects try out the garments and taste the Le Vive juice.

For the most part there is little to complain with since what is not to like about building a business that is high in demand. With ever success story there is a flip side to that coin. One where reps do not make sales and can not get out of their house to do showcases due to time constraints. Without conducting weekly showcases there is little hope to exploding the home based business, until now.

The internet has played a huge role in exploding many network marketing business so why not Ardyss International? This is where the fine art of learning how to build an Ardyss business online comes in. So how does one conduct showcases online to sell more product and hopefully sign up more reps? This is something many companies will always avoid due to the technical difficulty and learning curve and Ardyss International has the same stance.

For those that have no other choice but to build their business online the Ardyss body magic business must go online. The first thing you want to do is brand yourself. If you continue to send traffic to the replicated website you are losing traffic to the company which has no allegiance to you. Instead build your own landing page with you showcasing your products but better yet show why they should even listen. Offer free value and maybe even free product tests or trials if they opt into your list. By doing this you will be able to market to a cold market over and over again give you a higher chance of making a sale or signing up a new rep.